24 October 2021

We run a Special Session at IAC21 in Dubai

Together with ODIS Design in Space and SGAC, we designed and run a highly interactive gaming workshop that simulated the emergence of possible cooperation opportunities and points of conflict as nations seek to advance their lunar development campaigns alongside one another. It was great fun!

22 July 2021

Future Foresight for the Space Industry at SSP21

I had the pleasure of giving an elective workshop at Space Studies Program in Granada, organised by the International Space University. First in-person workshop since a while, with virtual participation of my co-facilitator Sumaya Al Hajeri.

16 June 2021

Analogowi astronauci

Razem z Leszkiem Orzechowskim, dyrektorem stacji badawczej Lunares, opowiadamy o misjach analogowych w ramach cyklu “Nauka mówi”, organizowanego przez Centrum Nauki Hevelianum w Gdańsku.

May 2021

Women leading design

Inspire yourself with the stories of women, designers and leaders. To know more about those and future events, join our community on Facebook or Linkedin.

March 2021

Moon mission on Earth

Aleksandra spoke during the online event presenting conclusions and reflections from the Orpheus 11 mission that took place during the Pandemic campaign in Lunares, Poland.

Watch the full event on Facebook (in Polish) or Youtube (in English).

February 2021

Polish space innovators and their drivers

Directly from the Lunares Research Station in Poland, Aleksandra has participated in an online conference orgnised by Koźmiński University. The event celebrated inauguration of the cooperation between the European Space Agency and Kozminski University within the ESALab platform.

Watch the full event on Facebook.

February 2021

Analogue Lunar Mission

The Orpheus 11 Lunares mission has been covered by the international media. Go to the website to read more.

February 2021

Analogue Lunar Mission

During Orpheus 11 mission, Aleksandra became a Vice-Commander of a 2 week isolation mission at the LunAres habitat, simulating a mission to the Moon.


8 September 2020

SDGC20 Line up announced

I am happy to announce that, together with Marcela Machuca, we will be giving a workshop about co-creating future visions in large and complex organizations at the Service Design Global Conference.

12 June 2020

Service Design Drinks Madrid: Facilitación remota

Part of the organising team of an online event about sharing tips and experiences that the design community learnt from remote work and facilitation during the time of confinement. The event was held in Spanish.

Follow Service Design Drinks Madrid >>

Event’s summary on Medium >>

6 June 2020

E-SGW Webinar Series: Space for Urban Planning

Webinar presenting the results of the Team Project developed during the Space Studies Program in Strasbourg. Part of the SGAC Webinar series #SpaceHope.

29 May 2020

Lunar Architecture 101: Perspectives and Scenarios for Future Lunar Settlements

Together with Dr. John Mankins from the Moon Village Association, Dr. Valentina Sumini from the MIT Media Lab and Atonino Salemeri from SGAC we discussed architectural scenarios for future lunar settlements.

Watch here >>

1 May 2020

Dni Nauki 2020 w Hevelianum

(PL) Wspólna inicjatywa Centrum Nauki Hevelianum oraz Gdańskiego Stowarzyszenia Stypendystów Fahrenheita skierowana do uczniów gdańskich szkół, w tym roku w wersji online.

16 March 2020

Service Design Drinks Madrid: Full event

The full event recording is now available on the Service Design Drinks Madrid YouTube channel.

3 March 2020

Designer in Space at Sopra Steria Spain

Talking about how design can help the space industry to the Design and Aerospace Teams at a technological consultancy Sopra Steria Spain.

19 Feb 2020

Service Design Drinks Madrid

What a pleasure to lead the conversation about the strategies for selling Service Design together with our special guests: Marc Fontejin from Service Design Show, and Enrique Grandía, the founder of the strategic design firm GRAND.

12 Feb 2020

BBVA Design Wednesday Interview

Finally, the interview following the “Designing for the Space Industry” is out. Many thanks to the BBVA team for this opportunity!

24 Jan 2020

Talking space at Fjord Madrid

I had a pleasure to share my experiences and reflections as Designer in Space during Design Clinic at Fjord Madrid. As an ex-Fjordian myself, I am really glad I have got to know the Fjord family here in Spain!


30 Dec 2019

¿Qué puede aprender la exploración espacial del diseño?

An article about how design can help space industry at the official BBVA website (in Spanish).

18 Dec 2019

Design Wednesday

Talking about how design can help space industry to innovate at BBVA’s Design Wednesday.

16 Aug 2019

Polish presence at International Space University

Portal about Polish presence at the Space Studies Program in Strasbourg, France.

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