BBVA Design

The time at BBVA allowed me to grow both professionally and personally as a Senior Service and Strategic Designer. At the Global Design Team, I usually work at the initial phase of the projects. My expertise lies in investigating and gathering user insight to create understanding and empathy towards the user needs within the team, I also often facilitate strategic decision-making processes, help to define new frameworks, products and services in a collaborative way and actively contribute to the development and growth of design discipline within the organization.

Below you can find a selection of the most relevant projects in which I participated:

Branch Reloaded

Increasing digitization of products and services is changing expectations of the users and reshaping the role of physical bank branches. Branch Reloaded is a transformational, strategic project with an aim to answer the question: What will be the role of the branch within our customer interaction model in the further future?

Co-creating future visions of the branch experience within such a big and complex organization as BBVA can seem a rather daunting task that involves multiple stakeholders and diverse viewpoints. Together with the project Design Lead Marcela Machuca, we shared our experiences and tools we elaborated for future vision mapping in a complex context in this Touchpoint article.

Design Transformation

Design Transformation at BBVA is an ambitious program taking design beyond the Design Department, helping the entire organization become more customer-focused, collaborative and creative in its approach to problem solving and innovation.

My contribution to the program was ranging over time from the training support and designing materials for the Design Ambassadors Program, to teaching workshop facilitation techniques as a part of the Facilitation Masterclass for the selected program graduates.

Design Think Tank

Design Lead of the Design Think Tank, a central team that overlooked and supported the development of the Design discipline within the organization. I worked on defining the Design Team vision in a collaborative process, as well as formed part of the effort that worked on a general design process framework within the projects. I also defined a method to evaluate design skills in order to better construct multidisciplinary teams.

BBVA Design Principles

This work definitely made me more mature as a service designer and showed the strategic role service design can have in an organization. You can read more about the role of service designer in a design-oriented organization in this Medium article (Spanish)

Banking for Enterprise Clients

Digital Workplace: Set of internal tools for Customer Relationship Management and pipeline reporting based on Salesforce. My task was to evaluate one of the tools, investigate user pains, and support program owners in identification of the improvement areas and their prioritization, where I facilitated the process and advocated for the user voice to be heard.

One Client Digital Experience: Strategic project defining the Enterprise Client Digital Experience on an international level.

CIB Onboarding: Redefining the onboarding process of the Corporate and Investment Banking Clients.

Open Market Networks: Exploring business opportunities, leveraging relations between the companies and their environment.

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