comma, Rethinking Libraries

Group Project // Design Camp Kolding 2015 // Denmark
Client: Lammhults Bibliotekdesign – furniture, shelving solutions and accessories for libraries.


Comma, a community of makers, is a system which facilitates dialogue between the library users and companies involved in the library experience creation. It invites the users to become community makers and influence the products and spaces they are using through facilitated co-creation workshop with the designers and experts. Bringing together specialist knowledge and user experience gives potential to provide solutions that are more inclusive and responsive to specific user needs.



“It is incredibly important that the libraries create a stronger and better alliance with the users.”

JAN LIND BOE Head of Culture North, City of Copenhagen


Changing role of the libraries
The role of the library in the society is undergoing a deep transition. Beyond informative and educational role, libraries evolved to multipurpose spaces that take needs of the citizens as its starting point. Library is not anymore only about books. It is not even a battle between the digital and print, but it is a role of the users that is changing. It makes libraries become local community centers which advise, entertain and host events.

Libraty plans-01-02

Users as aware creators

Through the Comma workshops, users have not only opportunity to influence the shape and functions of their local library, but also become aware of the changing role of the library in general and the fact that they are the main agents of that transition. At the same time, companies cooperating with the libraries as well as the libraries themselves will gain insight into user perspective and needs of the specific user groups. Acting as the facilitators and hosts, company designers can register and acknowledge the ideas born and prototyped during the workshop which carries a strong message behind the new products and services.


“These people are amazing. They come from all corners of the world and give us this! We have received far more than we expected. They have listened to what we have said, interpreted it and done a lot of research. They have really gone that extra mile. I think that being able to frame the challenge makes all the difference. This goes to show that the design process really works.”

Tina Langkilde Larsen, Product Manager at Lammhults Bibliotekdesign

Comma blueprint graphics-01


Project by B.I.P Group:
Felipe Massami Maruyama (Brasil)
Jaivardhan Singh Channey (India)
Aleksandra Kozawska (Poland)


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