Space for Urban Planning

Space Studies Program

International Space University is an interdisciplinary institution founded with the vision to study, explore, and develop space for the benefit of humanity. Space Studies Program is a pioneer graduate-level, intensive 9-week program conducted since 1988. In 2019, it took place in Strasbourg, France.

During the course, together with fellow 120 participants we were exploring topics ranging from astrophysics, rocket science to space medicine and space law (fascinating!).

One of the core activities is a multidisciplinary Team Project on a given topic, on which participants are focusing in the last three weeks of the program. I was chosen a Coordinator and the Design Lead of the Project Space for Urban Planning. Together with an incredible team of 30 individuals from different countries and backgrounds and using design and foresight methods, we created a vision for the future cities on Earth that use space technologies for more sustainable development.

Our proposal is meant to be the first step for improving the current urban conditions, addressing the Sustianable Development Goals of the UN 2030 agenda.

One of the biggest challenges of the Team project was tackling a complex design challenge within a short period of time, and with a group where most of the participants were not familiar with the design process at all. It was a very humbling and educational experience for me as a team lead, full of ups and downs, yet the team dynamics, structured process, and a clear sense of vision that we created together as a team paid off with the final results and highly appreciated the presentation.

SSP19 TP Space For Urban Planning full documentation is available on:

During the program, I also contributed as a co-organiser of the Space Start-Up Weekend, leading workshops and mentoring the teams.

The SSP19 Space for Urban Planning Project Team
Vision of the future city that use space technologies for more sustainable development.
A set of guideline for policymakers and urban planners for more effective and transparent integration of space technology in the cities.

Although the SSP is over, our Team keeps in touch, giving talks and publishing papers around that topic for the space community. In June 2020 we were invited to share our work with the Space Generation Advisory Council as part of their #SpaceHope webinar series.

TP Space for Urban planning presentation for the Space Generation Advisory Council Webinar series #SpaceHope.

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