Examples of my projects focused on products or experimental graphics.

Generative Drawing

Generative process is based on a simple element transformed in a systematic way with ordered or randomized transforming rules. I chose to transform was my personal drawing and I determined two diverse adjectives to describe the character in which I would like the process to develop: “geometric” and “dynamic”. The exercise is an attempt to achieve these characteristics through a system of transformations governed by pre-created rules.

This work was created on a crossroad of analogue and digital platforms. Matrix represents drawing as a process with system behind it. However, given the personal manipulations that happened throughout the process, each piece is unique and can be also seen as a single work.

Generative Matrix

Generative Design

Generative design process is based on rules that enable the transformation of a basic form. Inspired by three adjectives: Disturbing, Graceful and Geometrical, the rules enable transformation process towards these characteristics.

Project exhibited in Triennale di Milano during Generative Art International Conference 2013. 

To see details of the process visit Generative Art Website.


Ash Flower

“Ash Flower” is an alternative solution for public ashtrays which integrates practicality and beauty for the new urban landscape. Neutral colours and organic, characteristic shape make it a universal landmark for smokers and encourages them to keep the space around clean.

“Ash Flower” was awarded in the JTI Clean City Lab 2013 competition.
The 3D printed prototype was exhibited at Triennale during Milano Design Week.


Treat or Trick?

Final project for Physical Computing course. Interactive box was build from plywood and programmed with an Arduino board. Inspired by a “useless machine” idea, it is a game where a player has one goal: get the candy from inside the box.

Przemiany – Generative Stool

Series of stools for design competition Przemiany 2012. Designs experimented with stool parameters: number of legs, shape and relief of the seat. Stools were exhibited during the festival, accommodated the visitors and became one of the festival landmarks.



Design of a table for kindergarten at Politecnico di Milano.

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