BBVA Design

The time at BBVA allowed me to grow both professionally and personally as a Senior Service and Strategic Designer. At the Global Design Team, I usually work at the initial phase of the projects. My expertise lies in investigating and gathering user insight to create understanding and empathy towards the user needs within the team,Continue reading “BBVA Design”


Open Innovation: Fast Track Program Fast Track is a BBVA Open Innovation Program that aims to put, in an agile and efficient way, new solutions in the hands of our customers through collaboration agreements with start-ups, actively involving different teams of the Bank in the process. My role was to support the Open Innovation teamContinue reading “BBVA”

European Space Agency

As a design trainee at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, I work closely with ISS payload instructors to design visual media, infographics and interfaces to support e-learning course for technical experts who write procedures that astronauts perform onboard the ISS. I was also involved in the high-profile project to support the return of ESA astronaut Tim PeakeContinue reading “European Space Agency”

The Future of Banking

Glasgow School of Art, Royal Bank of Scotland, 2016 Coordinators: Kirsty Ross, Rebekka Bush What is the future of banking services in 25 years from now?  Project analysed the values of current 16-25 year olds in the UK and aimed to translate their existing behaviours into emerging forms of user experiences appropriate to the futureContinue reading “The Future of Banking”

Smart Incubator Labs

Live urban laboratory for technological and social start ups. Smart Incubator Labs is a concept of an innovative incubator zone existing in a symbiosis with its neighborhood using smart city technologies. It offers a unique opportunity to inspire and test alternative urban model based on cooperation and mutual benefit supported by data exchange. It servesContinue reading “Smart Incubator Labs”


Tactilise is an inclusive platform which empowers the visually impaired, their teachers and guardians to create and share interactive audio-tactile content using rapid prototyping technology and augmented reality.

comma, Rethinking Libraries

Group Project // Design Camp Kolding 2015 // Denmark Client: Lammhults Bibliotekdesign – furniture, shelving solutions and accessories for libraries. Comma, a community of makers, is a system which facilitates dialogue between the library users and companies involved in the library experience creation. It invites the users to become community makers and influence the products and spacesContinue reading “comma, Rethinking Libraries”


Group Project // Glasgow School of Art // 2014In cooperation with Toshiba, Japan.   Investigation on how emerging M2M, networked objects and Internet of Things technologies can increase political engagement between people and places within the civic sphere. Our design provides networks that enable grassroots action within communities using technology.     “The public continuesContinue reading “Technopolitics”

FABtotum User Manual and Interface

Complete design of User Manual, content editing and iconography for the User Interface for an Italian technological start-up FABtotum producing the first multi-purpose open-source personal fabrication device.

Ticket ReTurn

Ticket Re Turn service proposal was born out of the insights gathered throughout the Glasgow Film Festival ticketing system research.

The Folks’ Cafe

The Folks’ Cafe’ is a sustainable creative collective in Glasgow which enables families to form mutually beneficial relationships. Project in cooperation with the Scottish Government.